Student Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things about Michele and her Medical Transcriptionist course. It offers everything and more to become a successful MT. Not only is the material up to date and informative, Michele is very helpful and always willing to help. She takes time out of her busy schedule to answer any and all questions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a Medical Transcriptionist.
Lina Redmond, South Carolina
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If you are serious about becoming a Medical Transcriptionist, either for a career change or as a second career, this is the course for you.  Michele has put together a course that is comprehensive and in-depth.  By the time you finish the course, you will definitely be "ready to go", in your medical transcription career.  She has combined the intensive study of medical terminology with "real life" practice dictations covering all the different specialties of medicine.  In addition, she provides ample information to help the student obtain that first job, or even start up his or own business.  Nothing is left uncovered.  The course is not difficult, but does require effort and commitment on your part.  If you are willing to make the commitment, believe me, it will be well worth it.  This is an opportunity to learn a very marketable skill from the comfort of your home at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable amount of time.  And it’s a skill that promises to be increasingly in demand in the future.  I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!  Thank you, Michele.

Submitted by Gary Livacari, DDS

Simplistic Solutions offers the best Medical Transcription course available today.  You get personal attention and all the information needed to become successful.  The course materials are easy to understand.  I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a medical transcriptionist.  One of the best choices I’ve ever made. Alma Meinen, Texas
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My name is Nina and I am a proud student of Simplistic Solutions. Although I have only been a student for a short time, the training is challenging, but rewarding at the same time.  The help I receive whenever I’m stuck or just not understanding a subject is just a email or a phone call away. I am enjoying the training tremendously and look forward to my future career.  You practice with real doctor dictations to get you prepared for the "real world" and a job (or your own business). I would recommend this course because this is the real deal and you get a lot more for your money than most.
Kanina Lang
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I am really liking this course very much.  It is really a very intensive and extremely informative course.  The guidance and instructions in the course is very simple to understand and very practical. The whole course is written in a very professional manner and perfect for anyone who wants to be professional in this field.  Also I always remain in touch with Michele, and receive her regular updates and I can contact her anytime whenever I need help.  

Brijendra Bahia, Melbourne, Australia
(Student may be contacted via email or phone upon request.)
I am Pacita Leano and I’m from Brisbane, Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia.  I had heard about medical transcription through friends and was curious enough to look into the possibilities of me becoming a medical transcriptionist.  I checked out all the courses on line but either they were too expensive or they didn’t quite appeal to me. I accidentally came across Michele’s website and found hers very personal and it offered more options than the others.  So I signed up knowing that I could just cancel anytime.  But I stayed on because the information through the modules was very well presented, had a lot of interactive lessons and was just done in an organized and appealing way that you would want to go to the next module. 
I have learned a lot from the ebooks and the other resources posted to me and although I am still working on my 3rd module, I know that I will get there.  Transcription has been made more interesting and more challenging with the course, that it has given me a greater desire to become a transcriptionist.  I know that starting as a "newbie" in the business would be more than challenging, but with the help of others in the course through the forum, and with first-hand information from them, as well as Michele’s personal touch, it truly is reassuring.  I know that because I am working full time, I have felt that I have been taking a bit longer than usual but the interest that has been sparked by the course will allow me to continue on and complete it in time. Thanks Michele for encouraging me to welcome the possibility of my becoming a medical transcriptionist!
Pacito Leano, Australia
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As an LPN for nearly 30 years I am very happy with the training I am receiving from Michele. Michele is very thorough and gives us more than what I expected. I have found her to be very dedicated to her students and the education she provides for them. Because this class is not as expensive as the others it gave me the opportunity to pursue a dream I had for many years. Michele could charge much more for her class but she chose to give (us) a chance for a great learning experience. I searched through many transcription training schools and didn’t find one that gave the personal touch that Michele gives. Thank you Michele!!! Your class is the best. From beginning to end, every module has exactly what is needed to make a great medical transcriptionist. 
Relda Copning
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I am a recent graduate of Michele’s Medical Transcription program, and I would recommend it to anyone. Her program has everything you will need to learn the Medical Transcription profession, and her prices are very reasonable. Michele is a great teacher. Whenever I needed to ask her a question, or needed some encouragement, she would always be available. Michele’s program gives you everything you will need to give you a great chance to make a living as a Medical Transcriptionist. She will give you all the tools – the rest is up to you!
Heidi Iacovetto
As a graduate from Simplistic Solutions, Medical Transcription at Home with Michele, I am pleased to say that the whole learning experience was so wonderful and helpful, and I appreciated her expertise, warmth and enthusiasm. Furthermore, I was very pleased how her program met my educational and occupational goals as an MT, and with this I give Michele my greatest thanks; and may many more students continue to share in this opportunistic experience to train with her!
Tjana Witt, Canada

Michele – I wanted to tell you that I have been enjoying this course and I am looking forward to completing the course and beginning to build my business. I think your course offers such a comprehensive view of what it will be like to work in the medical transcription field and I believe that I will be well prepared. I considered other courses but none of them fit my budget or my limited time. I have been able to complete this course around the rest of my life. I have spoken to friends who have taken other courses and they can’t believe how much information you give us such as the bookkeeping tips, the videos, and all the opportunity to practice actual dictation. Thank you for offering such a great course. 
Susan Cretella


"I want to begin by saying thank you.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve taught school for many years.  I wish all teachers knew how to pull together the type of program that you offer.  You knew what I needed to learn and lead me sequentially through it.  Your final could have been a cake walk or exasperating.  Instead it left me feeling confident to go out there and tell doctors that I’m ready to do my job." 
Mary Lee Huey, Redding CA