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If You've Ever Thought About Becoming A
 Medical Transcriptionist, But Didn't Have The Time, Money, or Desire To Go For Training,
Now You Can Train In The Comfort Of Your
Own Home, At Your Own Pace, And At a Reasonable Price!

You may have found many online home study courses, but weren't sure which to choose, and trying to find great training with a great price is no doubt a struggle.  It's important that you feel comfortable with the course you end up choosing; it's a big decision!
What Makes This Course So Different?
Before you sign up with any program, you should find out if the instructors have ever run their own business, or do they only teach? How can anybody help you start a home transcription business if they've never owned one or run one? 
I've run my own medical transcription business from home since 1994, and have also trained medical transcription Internship students from our local community college since 1997. I'm truly excited to offer a private and affordable online membership training course for aspiring medical transcriptionists. Over the years I have helped many people start their own medical transcription businesses.
Okay, So What Do I Get With This Course?
You can learn more about the actual training/education part of the course, here. 
However, aside from the thorough training as listed on that page, you will also benefit from interactive media training and helpful instructional videos.
  • You will receive a Certificate Of Completion once you have completed the course.
  •  You will be ready to join the medical transcription industry work force or start your own business!
  • You will be given my Line Count and Invoice program, which has been designed specifically for medical transcriptionists, and my famous Ebook, The Step By Step Guide To Medical Transcription At Home.
  • I will give you all the knowledge you need to help you with job hunting, marketing your skills, and getting your own transcription accounts or landing a job. 
  • You will also be given a guide about writing your resume and cover letter, for those seeking employment.
  • You will be given the actual sales letter that I send out to get your own accounts.
  • I will also give you an ebook that explains how to run your own transcription business, including bookkeeping, tax deductions, and how to keep track of everything in your day to day transcription business, including how to organize this home business. This is an ebook that I have written, because I understand how all these issues pertain to the home transcription business. 
  • You will be given access to my Private Members' Only Forum where you will network with other students. This is very important – After training you will benefit from networking with other medical transcriptionists.
  • You will also receive my resources ebook, this includes a list of online companies that hire, and links to lots of other great resources.
  • You will be given sample contracts, and privacy policy information regarding HIPAA.
  • And… my ongoing free consultations via email to help you get everything going in your career/business. How many people offer that?
What About the Cost?
A lot of companies lock you in to a price with no chances of a refund, or they offer a 30 day refund policy, which is often not enough time to know if this is really for you or not! At that point you have to make a quick decision or potentially lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if you decide to pursue something else, or for whatever reason, you decide it's not for you.
What if you change your mind on day 31 or day 65, you won't get any money back at that point with other companies…
That's Why I Designed Something Different
With my training course you only make four low monthly payments of $147.00, and should you wish to stop the training you simply cancel your subscription. Hopefully though, you will love medical transcription and the freedom it offers, and you'll sail through the training knowing you made the right decision!
Other companies also charge thousands of dollars, money which is difficult to come up with, and probably the reason you're looking to train for a different career in the first place – so that you can be paid your worth!  When you are thinking about changing careers, the last thing you need to be faced with is paying out thousands of dollars for training, right?  
My training course will not charge you thousands of dollars, not even one thousand dollars! 
There is a one-time $199.00 fee for materials, which includes a course book and five CDs; it also includes an enrollment fee and a fee for use of the pre-licenced materials on the site itself and is a mandatory payment at the time of signing up.  Other than that, you only pay a low monthly fee for four months, even if you have not finished the course at the end of the four months. We do not keep charging you.  You can continue to access the course for another eight months for FREE!  
The total cost of taking this course is $787.00.
My phone number is also listed on the Contact Us page should you need to call me.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions!
Ready to sign up?
Joining The Training Course, And
Ordering The Materials Sent To You By Mail Is a Two-Part Process!


Step One – Yes, I Want To Order The Course Materials That You Will Send Me By Mail!  I Have Read The Course Requirements On This Page

One Time Payment


Step Two – Yes, I Want To Join/Subscribe To The Medical Transcription Membership Training Site! – I have read the Course Requirements HERE  

$147.00 x 4 Months Tuition Fees


After joining, you will have Instant Access to the Private Membership Training Site, – You will be emailed complete Login Information details and can then LOGIN for the course at the top right hand side of this page.  Please be sure to double check the spelling of your email address, and provide your full email address.  Also, please read the Contact Us page and add both my email addresses to your own email contact address book to be sure you will receive emails.  Email is getting less reliable with ISPs sending many emails to your bulk folder, or actually blocking unknown emails.  Thank you!

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