Course Syllabus

If you are thinking about taking a medical transcription course, I highly recommend that you download the syllabus guide below.  This will give you an idea of how we teach you medical transcription here at Simplistic Solutions.

I have been a medical transcriptionist since 1994, and I still do medical transcription at home.  We currently have approximately 168 students in the program, mainly from the USA, but some from Australia and Canada as well.  I have put many Interns through my company from our local community college since 1997, and I do grade to college standards. 

I think you'll be very impressed with our syllabus, and although it may seem overwhelming, as the course is quite intensive, it is not hard to learn.  Medical terminology is really only based on logic.  If you can understand how a word is broken down, you can learn medical terminology!

Here is an example:

All medical terminology is based on logic, for the most part, whether complex or not.  A medical word can be broken down into several parts.  For example, consider the following term:


HEMAT is the root of the word and "O" is the combining vowel and LOGY is the suffix.

The root is the foundation of the word.  All medical words have one or more roots.  The root HEMAT means blood.  The suffix is the word ending.  All medical terms have a suffix.  The suffix LOGY means 'study of''.  The combining vowel, usually 'o', links the root to the suffix or the root to another root.  A combining vowel doesn’t have any meaning on its own.  It is helpful to read the word backwards, starting with the suffix, to understand it more fully.  Thus, the term hematology means the "study of blood".  Once you learn this method, you will in no time be able to understand what you are hearing or seeing.  You must first learn how to dissect the words.  We will teach you how to do this, and you will have fun learning!

The anatomy and physiology is actually more memory work than anything.  Learning the structure of the body via diagrams and lessons is not hard to do, and it's fun to learn!

Once you have this knowledge, you will be able to start transcribing dictation reports!  It's a really interesting career, and one that has allowed me to stay home for the last fifteen years.   I hope I can offer you that freedom too!

Please click HERE to download our Course Syllabus.  You can "right click" and then left click on the option "save target as", then save to a location on your computer, or you can left click and the syllabus will open.  If you choose to open the syllabus, just look to the left of your computer screen and there will be an icon that allows you to "save a copy".  The syllabus is in a universal .pdf format and is readable on 99% of computers.  If you have any problems at all downloading or reading the syllabus, please contact me via the Contact Us page.