Course Requirements

Please take a few moments to review the course requirements before signing up and ordering your course materials.  This page also explains our Terms of Service regarding billing.

  • It is presumed that you have a computer with Internet access and are able to converse via email.  We are unable to support MAC computers at this time.  You must be running a PC or Laptop that is running Windows.  You will also need Adobe Reader to be able to open pdf files.  Most, if not all computers already have this installed.  If for any reason you don’t, you can get it here for free.
  • You will need a printer.  Any kind of printer will be fine.  You do not need to print out everything, as most of the course material, including the interactive media, will be all done online. However, a lot of the material is yours to download, review, print, learn from and keep.  If you are the type of person that likes to print out material, sit on the couch, and read and learn, you will want to print out a lot of stuff.  I’m that kind of person.  I don’t like reading and learning everything right at the computer; I like to have the option! You can print out up to 1,000 pages.  This will use the equivalent of approximately 1/3 of a toner cartridge.  Most toner cartridges will print 3 to 5 thousand pages.  Yet again, this is your choice, and is not necessary if you’d rather not print out the material.  However, I would highly recommend that you print some of it out for easy access and reference etc.
  • Your computer must play CDs.  As part of your course materials that you will receive by mail, you will also receive 4 CDs, along with your course book. 
  • You must have knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. 
  • It is extremely helpful if you are already comfortable downloading ebooks and installing programs.  If not, I will help you with that.
  • Your typing speed is not important, so long as you can type.  Your speed will increase with practice.
  • It is necessary that you already own and are familiar with Microsoft Word, which we will be using for this course. 
  • This is a self-paced course, so you can work through it at your leisure.  It generally takes between 4-6 months to finish the course. You can request a coupon for another 6 months of access for free if you need more time.  However, this course does require the student to be self-disciplined about learning the course modules, and as with any online home study course, you have to be committed to learning and practicing what you have learned.  This is NOT like a classroom environment and does require you to be self-motivated.  You will be responsible for following all the instructions and completing the tests.  However, you will have access to the members’ private forum where you will make friends with other students and be able to help each other, plus I am here to help you too.  Networking with other students is to your benefit, especially after you’ve finished training.  I still network with the friends I made way back when… in 1993, when I trained at our local college.  We have passed on accounts to each other many times over the years.  I highly recommend you participate in the members’ forum.
  • Out-Of-Pocket Course Materials Costs –  These are minimal costs, less than $50.00.  I do recommend that you purchase The PDR Pocket Guide To Prescription Drugs.  This is available at and other online stores; I have also found it in my local Wal-Mart.  It generally costs about $7.00.  You will need to purchase a headset to use in month two, for the digital dictation.  The software program you will use is free for you to download, but you will need a headset, so that you can listen to the dictation.  You can pick one of these up at your local Radio Shack or Wal-Mart store.   I also recommend that you purchase the medical spellchecker from
  • Course Materials And Pre-Licensing Fee – The one-time $199.00 fee for materials, which includes a course book and five CDs, also includes an enrollment fee and a fee for use of the pre-licenced training materials on the site itself and is a mandatory payment at the time of signing up.  You agree that if you open the sealed materials you receive they will not be returnable.  You will receive my course book, plus lesson CDs and access to other pre-paid licensed materials at the membership site.  I cannot accept returns of used or looked at materials and then give them to other students.  Each student deserves to receive brand new materials that have never been used.  You will receive TWO lots of course materials, one package in month one/module one, and another text book, which I send you in module two.  If you decide to return the other materials, you agree to pay for postage and you will be issued a partial refund.You will be able to access the digital information in the meantime via the membership site once you join.
  • Regarding the course and tuition,you will be billed via your credit card through Paypal, (which you can look at and review etc., at a world-wide credit card processing company, which you have probably used before if you shop online. We will ONLY BILL YOUR CREDIT CARD $147.00 A MONTH FOR FOUR (4) CONSECUTIVE MONTHS; if you need longer to complete the course you will have six months extra to do so.  We will NOT charge anything more than the four months. 
  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you wish to cancel your subscription/access to the membership site, you can easily do so via Paypal, or if you need help with that, just let me know.  If you want to discontinue training, we understand.  Life can present many situations out of your control, and there could be a multitude of reasons why you would need to cancel.  You get our NO-RUN-AROUND policy! Your access to the training program would still run its full 30 day course of each month, so even after cancelling, you still get access until your full month is up. You can cancel this subscription at anytime if you feel the course is not for you.  We want to make this easy on you and easy on your budget!  Any previous tuition fees are non-refundable.  However, I’m sure you will appreciate that this a reasonably priced course, you don’t lose your whole payment for the course like you do with some other companies.
  • By taking this training course, you agree that you are paying for tuition, and may not resell, giveaway, or reproduce any of the materials.  We routinely check for copyright infringement.  
  • The course is always open for Registration; you can join all year round.
  • That’s it!  I hope you join and I look forward to meeting you!