Full Payment Discount

Some of our students decide to take advantage of the ten percent discount option by paying in full with one payment.  If you decide not to use the Monthly Easy Pay Option and would prefer to pay in full, please continue reading.

Instead of paying $787.00 the total cost including the 10% discount, is only $708.30.  You will receive your Course Materials by priority mail, just as you would by going through the same steps on the home page.  You will also be enrolled in the online membership study course progam the same day, or within twelve hours, depending on your country and/or time zone. 

IMPORTANT –  To speed up your actual online course enrollment so that you can get started right away, after you have purchased the course in full using the payment button below, please email me to let me know you have completed the one time payment option.  With the one time payment option I need to "manually add you to the online course", so immediate access will not always be available as with the automatic access through the payment plan on the home page.   However, most of the time you will be added within hours so that you can get started.

REFUND POLICY –  Course materials received by mail may only be returned for a refund unopened.  You agree that if you open the sealed materials you receive they will not be returnable.  You will receive a medical terminology course text book, plus lesson CDs and access to other pre-paid licensed materials at the membership site.  I cannot accept returns of used or looked at materials and then give them to other students.  You will be able to access the digital information in the meantime via the membership site once you join.  Once you have accessed the material in the modules via automatic movement every 30 days, a refund may not be issued for that particular module, of which the amount is $147.00.

EASY CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY FOR ONE TIME PAYMENTS effective as of January 2011. – Students who invest in the course via the one-time full payment option are entitled to a refund of any modules that they have not yet entered into should the student decide not to continue with the course.  However, with every 30 days that pass, this too will count as payment of another module.  Each module is usually billed every 30 days with the Easy Monthly Payment Plan, and it is recognized as the same for one time payments. 

If you should wish to cancel the course, you will be returned any unused payments, even with the one time payment option, either by check or by Paypal, whichever you prefer, bearing in mind the above conditions.

If this is acceptable to you, and you'd like to sign up, please continue by using the Google Checkout payment button below.

We welcome any questions through our Contact Us page.  You may also call Simplistic Solutions and speak to me, Michele at anytime.  I am happy to assist you in making the best possible decision for your situation, and I will be here for you throughout the course.

Looking forward to having you onboard! 

Yes!  I'd like to Invest and Take Advantage of the 10% Discount Using the
ONE TIME PAYMENT Option of $708.30.  I Understand That By Purchasing with This Option I Am Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions Above.

Single Payment Discounted Price $708.30

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